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It all starts with program; this is when we identify your needs, desires and opportunities.  The first deliverable we provide is a concept, a budget and a schedule.  You need to know what, when and how much BEFORE investing anything more into your project.  Once we are in agreement we develop schematic documents for your review – again, with refined budgets and schedules.  We do these singularly or in concert with construction managers/preconstruction consultants.  These steps continue through design development and contract documents, as we continue to refine every aspect.


Once contracts are in place and actual construction commences, we are on site constantly to assure the highest quality, manage changes and ascertain all payments and work are in compliance.  Lastly, we need to finalize all paperwork, reports and manuals and make certain that nothing has been left undone before we turn the building over to you.  Listening, defining, creating, documenting and executing – these are how we serve you.

Renovation & Revitalization

• Additions

• Renovation and Re-use

• Historic Preservation


Reuse.  Repurpose.  Restore.  Rebuild.  These are what we do with existing buildings.  Historic preservation of iconic structures or new programs in older spaces; everything starts with the work of others in the past.  Our role is to fit your needs into these volumes and envelopes.  This work is often more challenging than creating from ‘whole cloth’.  Altering existing buildings to accommodate new uses requires careful analysis and review of conditions.  We have to consider a myriad code issues – accessibility, energy use, sustainability, life safety are paramount.


Once we determine that we can accomplish these, then we start to design.  The process is much like how we approach new construction, only now we have to mold program to ‘fit’ into existing spaces; if additional space is required, we will design additions that sensitively and efficiently work for you.  We present our concepts, budgets and a timeline to make certain we can deliver your project – this takes great collaboration as we develop iterations that serve your needs.


Like any project, we proceed through the phases of design, procurement of construction, building and quality assurance, culminating in the moment when we, your entire team, present you with  new solutions, fresh spaces and recreated materials, giving new life to your old building.

• Physical Needs Assessments

• Code Studies

• Feasibility Reports


Based in the primary principle of client service, our firm is well equipped to conduct assessments and studies to establish our clients needs and propose the right solution.  These are services that precede and succeed architectural design engagement, and our approach to both is vitally important to our clients.   Whether you are considering a building or site for development, or you own a facility in need of care and management, our team of specialists  have the tools, expertise and experience to efficiently serve your needs.


We start with baseline information and proceed from there.  If you need an assessment of a property, we will visit the site with a team of designers, engineers and construction professionals (as needed). We will report on the actual conditions, and if you have a program that you wish to place in the building or space, we will take a first pass to determine suitability for development.  The information we provide will inform your decisions moving forward, and you will be able to proceed well-armed with data and recommendations for further action.


We can likewise help you develop facilities maintenance plans for existing or new properties.  Using building data, and reviewing actual conditions, we will create plans for efficient and cost-conscious operations of the building.  This often leads to introduction of new systems, energy upgrades, accessibility compliance design and other improvements.  Knowing what you will need in a comprehensive program will help you assess how and when you will take action.


Whether you are looking at a new opportunity or need to improve your existing property, Edward Rowse Architects will guide you effectively and efficiently.

Indefinite Delivery & House Doctor Services

Lasting professional relationships is our main focus.  We work diligently to select the right products and to design long lasting solutions to all your infrastructure needs.  We pride ourselves on being a firm that responds to your concerns and one you can count on to solve your most difficult problems.  These values are the primary reasons why over fifty percent of our work is from repeat clients.  Clients who have been depending on our services for several decades.  These clients include the Government Service Administration, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Navy, the Barnstable Sheriff’s Department, the Rhode Island Judiciary, Johnson and Whales University, Bryant College, several school districts and countless Housing Authorities.

"Our intentions are to understand the customer's needs, identify their problems, and deliver a great design solution."

~Edward Rowse, President


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